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Welcome to The Maryland Center for Hospitality Training & Research. (MCHT&R). I have been involved in the hospitality industry for over three decades, and nothing makes me prouder than to see the doors of this center open. Growing up in Baltimore as a youngster, I watched daily as family members and friends went off to work in the smoke-filled factories of the Bethlehem Steel Plants and the auto industry plants over in East Baltimore. Baltimore was truly recognized as a factory workers blue collar town. As industries changed due to technological advances, it was very clear we had to re-invent ourselves as a city; thus, the great ideas of former Governor/Mayor William Donald Schaefer and his vision for the Inner Harbor. One of the first signs was the city involvement of the Hyatt Hotel as an upscale destination where people could stay and dine. With the advent of a science center, aquarium and other attractions we were on our way as a city earmarked to be a destination.

As we continue to grow, it is apparent the families who depended on the foresight of our leaders for the creation of jobs need to be very much a part of this changing and growing landscape. By equipping them with the skills to understand and compete for jobs, MCHT&R is that “giveback” to the city residents of Baltimore. My personal commitment is to prepare the best Baltimore has to offer by the best our industry has to teach. We at MCHT&R will exemplify the “Charm” in Charm City by training our residents how to really make it shine!

– Mike Haynie

At a Glance

Founded: 2013
President: Michael E. Haynie
Programs of Study: Hospitality, Customer Service, Basic Computer Skills, Communication, Business Fundamentals