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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Maryland is a diverse state, with a diverse workforce. At the core of Maryland Center for Hospitality Training’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training is the recognition that a company is stronger when it draws upon the wisdom and experience of all its employees and when it represents the community it serves.

While every employee enters the workplace with their own personal and cultural history, spiritual beliefs, personality, educational and work experiences, biases, and abilities, it’s not always easy to develop a workplace culture that readily embraces the advantages to be gained through those differences. Our DEI training develops a desire to learn from each other and increases creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Our customized approach to DEI often begins with Culture Audits for those who want a qualitative and quantitative understanding of how their company is currently functioning, and how it is impacting its external and internal stakeholders. This is the best first step. MCHT can identify where improvement is needed, and help develop a strategy to implement it.

When you are ready to begin training, experienced instructors from The Maryland Center for Hospitality will guide your staff in exercises designed to promote awareness and correction of unconscious biases and increased appreciation for cultural differences. Our training focuses on communication skills that empower employees to listen and learn from one another. Our conflict resolution training provides a framework and practice in respectfully managing differences. Our trainers provide the tools you need to become a workplace where every voice is heard.

The Maryland Center for Hospitality Training offers a broad selection of courses to meet the requirements of employers around our state. Contact us to learn how we can design a training program to meet your needs.

Training Service Categories

A leader in workforce development, The Maryland Center for Hospitality Training has the experience in customer service training our clients need. Our multifaceted approach promotes professional development and a positive organizational culture, while providing direct instruction in the technical skills required for superior customer service. We offer training for every career level and will design a suite of courses to fit your training needs.

Customer Service

  • Know Your Mission

  • Develop Relationships

  • Establish Trust

  • Cultivate Collaboration

Customer Loyalty

  • Respect Your Customer

  • Listen Attentively

  • Respond with Empathy

  • Find Solutions

Employee Engagement

  • Build Competency

  • Acknowledge Contributions

  • Recognize Strengths

  • Coach for Professional Growth


  • Communicate Clearly

  • Act with Integrity

  • Take Responsibility

  • Resolve Conflict

Process Improvement

  • Define Corporate Goals

  • Understand Processes

  • Identify Efficiencies

  • Eliminate Redundancies

Current Certifications

Customer Service

In competitive markets, Customer Service is an element that sets a business apart. Feeling valued as a customer boosts sales, improves positive reviews, and leads to customer loyalty. Providing exceptional customer service requires more than having designated Customer Service agents. It requires a fully trained staff ensuring your customers receive the attention and care they desire.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable. Everyone brings their own expectations, values, personalities and histories to work with them. Those differences are a source of strength and creativity. They’re also a source of conflict. Conflict will happen, but conflict, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Handled correctly, it is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Active Shooter

Active Shooter Training prepares us to survive the worst. It reduces panic and saves lives. The Department of Homeland Security states that the best way to effectively respond to an active shooter and help minimize loss of life is to create an Emergency Action Plan and conduct training exercises.

Hospitality Professionals

Because online reviews play a crucial role in marketing and developing a reputation with consumers, improving the quality of guest services has nearly instant impact. Guest services training leads to more positive reviews, which leads to more customers, who leave more positive reviews, which leads to… success. The success of your company and your associates.

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The Maryland Center for Hospitality Training is a leader in workforce development. Headquartered in Baltimore, we are dedicated to training residents throughout Maryland in customer service, business fundamentals, and leadership skills.


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